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Turbie Twist Features

Turbie Twist® is the original super-absorbent hair towel that stays in place. It features a unique tapered design that allows for a custom fit on all head sizes. Turbie Twist® is the easiest and most convenient way to wrap your hair. So it stays in place with a twist of your wrist. With Turbie Twist you can become the ultimate multi-tasker, now you can talk on the phone, flip the laundry, make coffee, or pack lunches. All while drying your hair.

Today, as part of this special limited time internet offer, we'll send you two new microfiber Turbie Twist® for just $19.99 and only $7.99 shipping and handling. And, as part of this special internet offer, we’ll also include two more microfiber Turbie Twist® for a separate processing and handling fee of just $7.99. But that’s not all! We’ll complete this amazing offer and send you the Turbie Band™, ideal for washing your face, applying make-up or giving yourself a facial, ABSOLUTELY FREE! Turbie Twist® will make your after bath routine quick, and easy - guaranteed! This special Turbie Twist® offer is not available in stores so the only way to get it is to place your order now!

Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery

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